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The Community Chest is a fund which has been made available by Barnby Dun Community Association to support and sustain new and developing community groups and organisations in the village of Barnby Dun.  Grants are available up to a maximum value of £500 however, Barnby Dun Community Association Committee does have the discretion to award grants in excess of £500 in exceptional circumstances.

The following information sets out in more detail how to apply to the Community Chest.


Applications are eligible from new and existing groups that are based in Barnby Dun or have at least 50% of its membership made up by people living in Barnby Dun.

Because we are a charity, your project must follow Charity Commission’s guidelines to receive charitable funds.

An organisation can only hold one grant from the Community Chest in any twelve month period.

Who can apply?

Voluntary and community organisations and groups.

We will only make grants to voluntary and community organisations and groups if they have the


A signed constitution or a set of rules to show that the group is legally eligible to receive a grant and is entitled to run the planned project. The constitution must also have an acceptable ‘dissolution’ clause, which guarantees that any assets purchased with a grant from the Community Chest are kept for the benefit of the community even if the group comes to an end or is ‘dissolved’.

A bank or building society account in the organisation’s name, with the signatures of at least two members of the group needed for each cheque or payment.

Signed annual accounts (for groups that have been established for more than 12 months), or a 12 month cash-flow forecast for new organisations (less than 12 months old), which are presented and audited/approved in line with Charity Commission guidelines and/or their constitution.

N.B. Please ensure that the above all have the same name.

Who cannot apply for funding?

The following are not eligible to receive a grant:


Private businesses.

Statutory bodies.

National organisations.

Parish Council.

“Friends of Groups” where the end beneficiary will clearly be a statutory body.

Ineligible applications

Grant applications are not eligible for consideration by Barnby Dun Community Association if:

50% or more of the project beneficiaries reside outside of Barnby Dun.

the applicant is entirely or mainly set up to promote religious or political beliefs.

the grant is to be used to fund an activity that is a statutory responsibility, or a replacement for statutory provision.

the project will take more than a maximum twelve months to complete.

How Do I Apply?

Fill in a Community Chest Application Form.  It is particularly important that you provide a telephone number or e-mail address so that we can get in touch with you.

Barnby Dun Community Association will endeavour to process Community Chest applications speedily and where possible, fully completed applications will be considered at the next available monthly Committee Meeting.