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Emergency Action Plan – (EAP)

In the event of a fire

1. Raise the alarm.

This can be done by breaking the fire glass and activate the fire alarms system, and telephoning the Fire Brigade. It is your responsibility to ensure the alarm has been raised.

2. Evacuate the building via the nearest exit.

In the event of a fire It is your responsibility to ensure that your group leaves the building via normal Entry /Exits or Emergency Exits, in a safe and calm manner and proceed to the nominated Assembly Point

Assistance must be given to anyone who could have a problem escaping in an emergency, such as children or anyone who has temporarily or permanently impaired with  hearing, sight, or ambulatory problems.

3. The Assembly Point is the BDCA centre’s car park.

4. Accountability. As group leader you are responsible for accounting for the whereabouts of each  member of your group.

5. Alerting the Fire Brigade.

As group leader you are responsible for ringing the Fire Brigade. You must identify yourself to them upon their arrival and assist in any way that you can. (The nearest public telephone is outside the Spar shop.)

6.       DO NOT – Re-enter the building to look for anyone not accounted for.

          DO NOT - Collect belongings

          DO NOT -Tackle the fire unless you have been trained to do so

Once everyone is safely out of the building and it is convenient to do so, please can you must inform the Chairman John Berriman 01302 884081 or a member of the Committee of the fire and the actions you have taken

Webmaster 141daveatkinson@gmail.com